Everything that happens to us happens in purpose. And sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in your cage of fears and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures treat them as your teachers and they will become your tools in self improvement. The world is a large room for lessons, not mistakes. Don’t feel stupid and doomed forever just because you failed. There’s always a next time.
Improving yourself is all about change. And true change can only be made by real commitment. Most people do not recognize what a committed decision is, nor the force of change that congruent, committed decisions creates.
This entire self-improvement article here... waiting for you to read, use it and improving your self.

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Make A Positive and Quality Difference In Your Life

The 7 Simple On The Job Tips

You can get so absorbed at your job that you easily forget about the important, healthy choices you need to make for yourself. Ever feel a bit dizzy sitting at your desk? You probably need to drink two or three glasses of water.

You can get so absorbed at your job that you easily forget about the important, healthy choices you need to make for yourself. Ever feel a bit dizzy sitting at your desk? You probably need to drink two or three glasses of water. Did you skip breakfast? That’s a no, no. That’s why you’re not feeling your normal self.

Below are seven simple on the job tips that will make a positive, quality difference in your life on the job. Try them out. Incorporate these tips into your at work lifestyle, and they will make a positive, quality difference in your life. Print one side of one sheet of paper for easy reference.

Tip #1. Say good morning, smile, be positive, always give a kind word, and above all be approachable.

Tip #2. - Climb the stairs. If you work on the fortieth floor, walk up the first five, or seven, or ten. Catch the elevator the rest of the way.

Tip #3. - Freely drink quality water throughout your work day. It must be at room temperature, and yes, you may add lemon.

Tip #4. - Sitting, bending or kneeling while you work? At intervals, stand erect, interlock your fingers behind your head and swing your elbows to the left, and then to the right ten times.

Tip #5. - Standing while you work? Purchase a decent, comfortable pair of shoes. During your breaks, take your shoes off, sit and put your feet up. Wiggle your toes and make circular foot movements. Get regular foot baths, soaks and massages. Save your feet.

Tip #6. - Eat a nutritious lunch. Get in the habit of eating food that will make a difference. Say no to donuts, croissants, pastries, danish… say no to processed foods. No coffee, tea, hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol or sweet juices. Just say no to junk food.

Tip #7. - No eating between meals. If after a valiant fight, you still feel that you must eat something, eat an apple. It will help keep the doctor away.
Author: Wycliffe Williams

Juicy | Self Esteem Tips

Choose your favourites from the juicy, refreshing self-esteem tips below. There are bound to be some that you like the look of, so please enjoy savouring them over the next few days.

1. inject new life into your day -

Pick an activity that you do most days, such as saying good morning to someone, having a shower, shopping for groceries or even going to bed at night and make a conscious decision to do it a bit differently and do it well! For instance, you could sing in the shower and finish it off with a cold dose of water all over to stimulate your senses; you could spontaneously pick up a fruit in the grocery store that you've never eaten before and give it a try; you could meditate before going to sleep. The possibilities are endless.

2. squeeze in some "YOU" time -

Putting aside a little YOU-time to nurture yourself each day can be a simple way to remind yourself that you're worth investing in. Carving out an hour from your busy day can feel like an impossible mission for most women, so what I suggest is that you incorporate quality YOU-time into your daily self-care regime. This is how it works… never brush your teeth, your hair or apply skin creams when you're thinking negative thoughts! Stop and focus on changing your mood instead. Then, when you've captured a positive thought or two, start brushing with care or take a bit of time to gently apply the cream and massage your face and body – the aim is to enjoy the moment, however brief!

3. stop procrastinating for just ten minutes –

Quite often we procrastinate because a task seems too huge and daunting to contemplate. Perhaps your desk is in a mess but the thought of sorting it out makes you feel exhausted because you know it would take hours and hours. The key: just do it for ten minutes, no more. Then see how you feel. I bet the next time you think about your messy desk, the thought will not be so scary. So ask yourself: are you procrastinating over something? If so, give this a try.

4. reach out and touch someone -

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to make someone else feel good first. Reach out and touch someone's heart with a small but noticeable gesture. Good examples are things like play-fighting with a child, gently touching someone's arm to show you that you care, sending eCards or giving someone a genuine compliment out of the blue. Often it's the little gestures that can mean so much.

5. learn to let go -

Most of us find ourselves clinging on to things (and people) for the wrong reasons. Are you doing that right now with someone or something? If so, why not practise letting go a little by finding something inconsequential in your home that you no longer need or like and just throwing it in the trash! Better still try recycling or resale, if you believe your items could be worth more to someone else. Just the act of letting go of something small could encourage you to let go of something more significant that is holding you back.

I practiced last week with some old cookery books that were clogging up my kitchen.

6. convert an "I can't" into an "I can" -

See if you can absorb this quote into your everyday living:

"It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees" - Pasionara

Think of at least five things that make you feel like saying "I can't". Then write them down. Here are a few common examples, just to get you started:
"I can't say THAT - they'd just laugh at me!"
"I can't buy THAT for myself - I'm not worth it!"
"I can't stand it when MY man looks at another woman!"

Once you've written them down, pluck up the courage to say "I can" to at least one of the items on your list. Say it and believe it! Life is never easy, but saying "I can't" only makes it harder. A simple change of approach could open up a whole new world of discovery.

7. meditate or try hypnosis –

Often self-esteem building does require us to learn new skills and adopt different approaches but also there is a need just to repeat positive messages, chill out and start believing in ourselves more. Meditation or hypnosis offer great supplements to the more studious eWorkbooks that we've developed for women. Why not check out one of these options now?

8. squeeze, lift and smile –

A simple act of squeezing in your tummy, raising your chin and smiling gently to yourself can be so encouraging, especially if you're having a really gloomy day. It's as if the fighting instinct kicks in and possibilities open up. Try it now for a whole minute and see how it makes you feel. If you feel a little better, remember to use this easy technique daily.

9. look forward to juicy times ahead–

Write down the following:
A positive thing that happened to me today was…
Something I am looking forward to tomorrow is…
Something I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks is…
Something I am looking forward to in the next six months is…

10. ask yourself the question -

What change can you think of that would impact positively on your self-esteem today? Write it down. Then do it!
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